To propagate by words, deeds and practice by example the ideals of Dr. Rizal.

The Order of the Knights of Rizal is a civic and patriotic organization recognized by law as an instrumentality by which the teachings of Dr. Jose Rizal may be propagated by those who believe in his teachings.

The Order of the Knights of Rizal is cultural, nonsectarian, nonpartisan and- nonracial.

The Order of the Knights of Rizal is an order of Brotherhood that recognizes the universality of man


A Knight:

• Loves his country and people; • Promotes international understanding among peoples and nations; • Venerates the memory of the nation’s heroes. • Values honor as he values his life; • Strives to do justice to all his fellow men; • Finds meaning and purpose in life; • Upholds freedom at all costs; • Maintains a tolerant & understanding attitude towards his fellow men; • Believes in the value of education essential to the formation of the character of men; • Promotes social justice and general welfare; • Is industrious, self-reliant, persevering and conscious of the plight of the less fortunate


I do solemnly promise upon my word of honor that: I shall seriously study the teachings of Rizal, and endeavor to put them into practice always keeping in mind the Order’s motto “NON OMNIS MORIAR” (not everything in me will die!); I shall work for a perfect union among the members of my community; I shall do no wrong and shall protect and defend my fellowmen against all violence and injustice; I shall endeavor, as far as possible, to extend assistance to my brother Knights, and fellowmen to enhance their programs, and promote their welfare, and; I shall uphold and obey strictly the by-laws of the Order and its rules and regulations.

Every member of the Order must be familiar with the objectives of the Knights of Rizal. Knowing the objectives of the Order provides a sense of direction for every member. Admission to the Order is a privilege.